South American Coati
(Ring-tailed coati)
(Nasua nasua)

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Invasive Status
Escapee Not established
Natural Range
  • Northern South America  
Introduced Range
  • UK (not established)
Zoological parks


Removal Methods


The South American coati (Nasua nasua), also called the coatimundi, ring-tailed coati or brown-nosed coati, is a member of the raccoon family which has been seen multiple times in the wild but is not believed to have become established outside its native range.


Native RangeEdit

The South American coati is native to northern South America. Its native range runs throughout Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Brazil, Ecuador, northern Peru, most of Bolivia Bolivia, throughout Paraguay and in north-east Argentina. [1]

Introduced RangeEdit


The South American coati has been sighted sighted several times in south Cumbria in the United Kingdom ([2]) from 2003 to 2007. [3] No sightings have been made since 2007, though young coati sightings had been reported before 2007 and so it is possible a small breeding population exists, or at least that the extinct population may have bred. [4]

Pathways and IntroductionEdit

The South American coati was first seen in the wild in the United Kingdom in 2003 or 2004. It is thought these coatis were escapees from zoological parks. [3]


The escapee South American coati populations are believed to be too small to have any negative effect, if they are still present at all. Should the species one day become established, the may have a similar effect to the closely-related common raccoon in its invasive range. [3/5]

Control and Removal MethodsEdit

No control or removal methods are in place for the South American coati.


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